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California Horse Racing Industry backs Equine MediRecord

California, 20th August 2020 –

Horse racing in California has been under significant scrutiny in recent years but industry leaders have embraced sweeping reforms – the most recent of which sees Kildare-based Equine MediRecord (EMR) provide its revolutionary anti-doping and horse welfare software to thoroughbred owners on the west coast.


The deal is the latest notch in the belt of a company which launched its system just two years ago but has already amassed an impressive list of clients including the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, the Arabian Racing Organisation and the Irish Veterinary and Welfare Commission.

Golden State – home of US racing – the latest to endorse global leader equine welfare software, Equine MediRecord

The company sells and maintains a revolutionary mobile application, website and drug database to allow proper, timely recording of the many medicines and vaccinations that are routinely administered. This system allows for the full veterinary history of the horse to be recorded securely, ensuring the best possible horse welfare as well as aid with crucial anti-doping procedures.


“I was impressed with EMR’s system,” commented Executive Director of the California Horse Racing Board, Scott Chaney. “Equine medical records are digitized and recorded on a mobile and web-based application used by trainers or their vets.”

Once records are entered into the system they cannot be altered, providing integrity and transparency for all concerned.

The Thoroughbred Owners of California (TOC) have unanimously agreed to support the set-up and implementation of the system. A spokesperson explained that “as governmental regulations become more strict, Equine MediRecord makes following the regulations easier and less costly.”


However, it’s not just about satisfying regulations – the system automatically calculates such things as when the next required vaccination is due and sends a series of reminders to customers. In fact, using the system has proven to reduce time spent on regulatory documentation by 50% and ensure complete compliance when inspected by regulators.

Equine Medirecord CEO, Pierce Dargan, is understandably thrilled with the latest news. He said:

“We have been very impressed with the desire and determination to promote transparency and equine welfare, not just by the Thoroughbred Owners of California but also the equine community of California as a whole. We feel our system can play a role in the movement to help ensure that our children will be able to enjoy horse racing the way we have for generations – to be a part of that work is very exciting.”


At a time when horse welfare and sport integrity are firmly under the microscope, this Irish innovation could not have arrived at a better time.

Contact: Pierce Dargan

Chief Executive Officer

Equine MediRecord

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Contact: Thoroughbred Owners of California

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About EMR

Equine MediRecord (EMR) develops, sells and maintains the first software platform to be approved to replace the paper regulatory documentation that is required to be kept by horse farms to ensure equine welfare & anti-doping regulations are followed. The EMR platform has been approved by the relevant government departments and currently operates in Ireland, U.K. , France, Saudi Arabia and USA. EMR has amassed clients such as Arabian Racing Organisation, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association (KTA), Thoroughbred Owners of California, Breeders Cup World Championships, Maryland 5 Star, Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia and 1S/T Racing for American Classic Preakness Stakes and Pegasus World Cup. EMR secured an 8 figure investment from Merit Holdings and joined their Business Infusions Group in 2022


About Thoroughbred Owners of California

All CHRB-licensed owners automatically become members of the TOC. There are no membership dues; and shortly after getting your owner’s license from the California Horse Racing Board you will receive a welcome packet from us. As the State-recognized representative of owners, TOC serves as a voice for the broad interests of Thoroughbred owners and strives to improve and increase representation of horse owners in the day-to-day activities of racing.


TOC represents owners legislatively in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. and administratively through purse negotiations with the racing associations. In addition, TOC runs educational seminars for prospective, new, and veteran owners.

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