CHRB Webinar about Trainers Maintaining Treatment Records Attended by Over 100

By Equine MediRecord

The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) held its first webinar for their CE training requirements for CHRB licensed trainers with a look at the new CHRB 1842.5 rule, trainers required to maintain treatment records. The module was conducted by Dr Rick Arthur, CHRB Equine Medical Director, Dr Dionne Benson, Stronach Group’s Chief Veterinary Officer, and Pierce Dargan, CEO of Equine MediRecord. The presentation was approved for 30 minutes of CE credits for the trainers who would attend.


The webinar started at 2pm PT (10pm GMT). Though there were conflicts on the day and it was expected to be relatively small turnout. This proved not to be the case with over 100 trainers and assistants in attendance. The webinar was started by Dr Arthur welcoming all and outlining the structure for the webinar. Dr Arthur proceeded to explain the new CHRB Rule 1842.5: Trainers to Maintain Treatment Records that became effective on October 1, 2020. There were issues with the visual and audio to begin with but would greatly improve through the course of the webinar with the speakers opting to talk live rather than playing their pre recorded presentations.


Dr Arthur was followed by Dr Benson who discussed exactly what trainers need to know about medication management in their stables. Dr Benson explained the some of the key ways veterinarians record information that is required under the regulation and what trainers should look out for. Dr Benson emphasised that if trainers had any doubt around what was required that their veterinarian would be the best possible person to ask for clarification.


To round of the webinar Pierce Dargan discussed the requirements and how the Equine MediRecord system had be officially approved to satisfy them. He showed a demonstration of the system and the benefits in terms of time saved recording and the ease of using the system to comply with the new regulations. Equine MediRecord was very positively received with requests for details around how to start a trial and pricing. Since the webinar many trainers have contacted Equine MediRecord and began trials.


The whole webinar will be soon turned into an online module so that those who were unable to attend will be able to watch the presentation to learn more about the new requirements for trainers.


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