Equine MediRecord Meet Senator Genevieve Whitaker at US Virgin Islands Racetrack

By Equine MediRecord

Equine MediRecord Chief Executive Pierce Dargan met with US Virgin Islands (USVI) Senator Genevieve Whitaker at the Randall “Doc” James Racetrack in St Croix to discuss how our team could aid the Senator’s plans to bring horse racing back to St Croix.


Randall “Doc” James Racetrack was an extremely active racetrack holding race days throughout the year almost every week where attendance could reach over 10,000 people, extremely impressive considering the population of the island of St Croix is just over 40,000. Unfortunately the Racetrack has not been in operation since 2018 and the grandstand was pulled down due to structural damage caused by a hurricane.


The Senator has worked tirelessly to bring racing back to St Croix, securing funds to rebuilt the grand stand from the US Federal Government. We look forward to supporting the Senator in her efforts to bring racing back to St Croix in any way we can.


You can learn more about the Senator’s work on her website here.


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