Equine MediRecord System Utilised by Royal Dublin Society Horse Show

By Pierce Dargan
The Royal Dublin Society Veterinary and Arrivals Team with our Equine MediRecord team at the RDS Horse Show

We deployed a new version of our Equine MediRecord system for the first time to the Royal Dublin Society Horse Show (RDS) and received a great response from participants. Equine MediRecord was utilised to help all the horses and athletes in the trial from the Young Event Horse Series to comply with the biosecurity rules at this year’s event. Our system helped to check information in advance, helping to safeguard the welfare of all horses competing.



Prior submission of equine vaccine and other records helped screen out issues relating to vaccine records and permitted medication records before arriving at the RDS. This helped to ensure the biosecurity and therefore the welfare of horses at the Show. There have been several equine disease outbreaks at European equine events over the past few years, our system aims to help reduce the risk of disease outbreaks, assisting in overseeing fair competition alongside upholding the highest equine welfare standards.



The information which had been submitted into our Equine MediRecord system was reviewed by the platform and any issues that were flagged by the system were then notified to the athletes so they could hopefully reactify the problem before they travelled to the event. 



The benefits of the system led people who were not scheduled on the trail to contact the event’s veterinary team to asked to be included. The Carbery Pony Club wanted to ensure their members horses would comply with the RDS bio security and equine welfare rules. 



The Carbery Pony Club said “We were delighted to have the opportunity to use the Equine Medirecord system to pre check passports for our Irish Pony Club Musical Ride display at the Dublin Horse Show this year. It was a huge relief to know that all 10 ponies were compliant before we travelled to the RDS and check in by the vets was fast and efficient due to the pre check being available to them. A great system and so easy to use. Best of luck to everyone involved“.

Carbery Pony Club at the RDS Horse Show in 2023

The platform was then used by the RDS veterinary and arrivals team. Any horses that had deemed to be pre checked were able to enter the event once the information on the system was quickly checked against the passport. This made it a lot faster and easier for horse and rider to get into the event. 


Rose Bolger, the owner of Connemara pony Dunabbey who competed with her daughter Romy Bolger at the RDS Horse Show, said “the Equine MediRecord system was very easy to use. We sent the required passport, vaccination and other information and were checked in to the RDS Horse Show very quickly”.

Romy Bolger and her Connemara pony Dunabbey at the at the water jump in Tullylish 2023

To learn more about Equine MediRecord or to connect with us to use it at your next event, visit equinemedirecord.com.


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