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Equine MediRecord To Conduct A Workshop At The International Conference Of Racing Analysts And Veterinarians In Hong Kong

Hong Kong ( September 15th, 2023) — Kildare-based Equine MediRecord (EMR) will be presenting and conducting a workshop on their EMR systems at the 23rd International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians (ICRAV) in Hong Kong. The ICRAV is a biennial conference for analysts, veterinarians and administrators associated with the racing industry. Through this conference, participants share knowledge and address veterinary, scientific, regulatory and welfare issues in the industry to achieve the common goals of maintaining the integrity of racing and ensuring the welfare of the animal athletes.

The International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians will be held in Hong Kong next week

The 23rd ICRAV is an international conference which will be the second time hosted by Hong Kong since the 6th ICRAV in 1985. Attending delegates are typically analytical chemists, laboratory managers from the Association of Official Racing Chemists; regulatory veterinarians of the world’s racing bodies and members of the International Group of Specialist Racing Veterinarians; and other persons nominated by international, national or state authorities controlling an equine sport or animal racing and approved by the Management Committee. Scientists and veterinarians from outside the racing industry, with an interest in controlling drugs in sport or in veterinary and welfare matters associated with the horse, may attend by invitation from the Management Committee.


The ICRAV, first held in 1976 in Newmarket, UK, is hosted by two non-profit making organisations, the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) and the International Group of Specialist Racing Veterinarians (IGSRV), whose charters are to provide scientific support to the world’s racing authorities. To date, twenty-two ICRAVs have been held worldwide. They have fostered scientific advances in doping control and supported continuous improvement in animal welfare.


EMR sells and maintains a revolutionary software platform which allows for the full veterinary history of the horse to be recorded securely, ensuring the best possible horse welfare as well as aiding with crucial anti-doping and biosecurity procedures. EMR’s platform has seen extensive traction after its launch only several years ago not only in Ireland, with the Dublin Horse Show and the Ballindenisk International, but also having amassed an impressive list of clients and users including the Maryland 5 Star, The Saudi Cup, Thoroughbred Owners of California, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, the Arabian Racing Organisation, Pegasus World Cup, Preakness Stakes, and Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Last year Equine MediRecord received a multi-million euro investment from Merits Holdings to become part of their Business Infusions group, the largest equine veterinary software group in the world.


Pierce Dargan, Chief Executive Officer of Equine MediRecord said “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to show our Equine MediRecord systems to horse racing analysts and veterinarians from across the world. The biannual conference is a great opportunity for us to meet and talk with horse racing leaders from across the globe about our EMR systems and how they have helped ensure the compliance to the latest equine welfare and anti doping protocols”.


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Contact: Pierce Dargan

Chief Executive Officer

Equine MediRecord

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About Equine MediRecord

Equine MediRecord (EMR) develops, sells and maintains the first software platform to be approved to replace the paper regulatory documentation that is required to be kept by horse farms to ensure equine welfare & anti-doping regulations are followed. The EMR platform has been approved by the relevant government departments and currently operates in Ireland, U.K., France, Saudi Arabia and USA. EMR has amassed clients such as Arabian Racing Organisation, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association (KTA), Thoroughbred Owners of California, Breeders’ Cup World Championships, Maryland 5 Star, Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia, and 1S/T RACING for American Classic Preakness Stakes and Pegasus World Cup. EMR is owned by Business Infusions, a company which delivers best-in-class veterinary practice management software technology solutions to veterinarians, practice managers, and hospital administrators around the globe. Software solutions under Business Infusions include: Hospital & Veterinary Management System (HVMS), Cassadol, and Equine MediRecord (EMR). The vision of Business Infusions is to be the go-to software partner for equine veterinarians, equine trainers and regulators around the world by connecting information and improving workflow. To learn more about Business Infusions and its products, visit: To learn more about EMR, visit:



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