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Improving Equine Welfare

Simplify compliance to horse welfare and anti-doping regulations with the only Regulator-approved digital medicines register.

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Equine Medirecord is setting a new global standard in the management and oversight of equine health and regulatory compliance. Our innovative platform standardizes the recording of comprehensive horse records, including medical histories, drug usage, and induction times, accessible effortlessly via phone or laptop. This advancement ensures that veterinarians can uphold the highest standards of care and compliance, with the ability to capture invoicing, billing, and manage inventory efficiently at the point of service—addressing the industry’s critical challenges.

As the designated Software of Record, Equine MediRecord meets and exceeds the stringent requirements set by equine racehorse regulators across Britain, Ireland, the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia, and globally. By mandating registration on our platform for all racehorses, we ensure that equine healthcare maintains integrity, preventing its exploitation and guaranteeing the welfare of these magnificent animals. Equine MediRecord is not just software; it’s a movement towards ethical, accountable, and unparalleled equine care, recognized as the world’s foremost equine health software solution.

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Why EMR?

Equine Medirecord

Safe & Easy

Focus on your passion. Let us streamline your records so you can keep doing what you love. We act as the central platform for all your medical record compliance data, keeping it safe and secure.

Quickly Add Records

Filling out the medicines register takes time & effort. Equine MediRecord will make it much faster to record all treatments administered in your yard, allowing you to effortlessly comply with regulation.

Real-Time Notifications

You can now control and manage medicines record administration in real time. Automatically get sent notifications when regulation changes, or when your vet has administered medication to a horse under your care.


16-time Champion Irish trainer

With different countries like France, England, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong or America having different regulations for vaccinations or what you are allowed or not allowed to use in different scenarios and time schedules it’s so hard so to have a system in place where it is all at your fingertips is what we need and we have that (with Equine MediRecord) and it is working well.

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